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McDowell County trial lawyer 20+ years: Criminal, Traffic, Family Law, Child Custody


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The Law Office of Michael Edwards is a Criminal Defense and Family Law firm  located in Marion, NC. We are dedicated to providing experienced, reliable, and quality legal representation and counsel to his clients.

Our main goal is to provide the highest level of performance and satisfaction that demonstrates to both clients and peers that Mike Edwards fights for his clients’ rights and works to protect his clients’ most vital interests.


Speeding/Traffic/DUI :: Criminal :: Divorce :: Child Custody

Mike Edwards has handled thousands of traffic tickets both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. In most cases, Mike can negotiate your case with the DA to minimize the impact on your insurance and on your license.


Paying off your ticket can result in INCREASE in your insurance. A North Carolina driver who pays off a 70 in 55 mph charge will see a 45% increase in rates for 3 years, even if that driver’s record is clear.
If you are charged with speeding, there are often several options available to help including the possible options of DRIVER SCHOOL, REDUCTION and PRAYER FOR JUDGMENT. Mike can explain these options and the pros and cons of each choice given your charge.
Speeding over 15 miles over the speed limit can revoke your driving privileges.
Missed court dates result in REVOKED licenses. In this computer age, if you ignore the ticket, your home state can reciprocate with North Carolina DMV to place a hold on your license until the case is cleared up. The ticket will not just go away.
NC takes DWI (Driving While Impaired) seriously. NC has some of the toughest DWI laws in the United States. No one wants a DWI, but if you get charged, you need to know what to do.

Put Mike Edwards’ EXPERIENCE to work for you in your traffic case.

Please download a copy of our WAIVER OF APPEARANCE and or DWI INFORMATION worksheet and bring with you to your consultation.

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As the Chief Assistant DA for the 29th Judicial District, Mike Edwards was lead trial counsel in murder cases, child sex abuse, serious drug cases, felony cases and misdemeanor cases. As a TRIAL LAWYER for the defense, Mike evaluates each case like a prosecutor would, which gives him a unique perspective from which to better defend the case.

In the courtroom Mike defend clients charged with all criminal offenses both misdemeanor and felony. He appears in District Court, Traffic Court and Superior Court in both McDowell County and in Rutherford County.


The criminal laws have gotten increasingly complicated and an attorney is able to explain your options is words that you can understand.
Decisions made by a person after they are charged with a criminal offense can impact their life forever. An attorney’s advice is critical in making such important decisions.
EXPUNCTION: NC law provides a mechanism for expunction or erasure of a charge from your record under certain very limited circumstances.


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Mike handles many divorce cases each year and he keeps abreast of the changes that occur in this area. The break-up of a marriage is traumatic for all parties concerned, including children, and Mike understands the difficult strains placed on his clients during the divorce process.


NC law provides that parties must live continuously separate and apart for at least one year prior to filing for a divorce.
The alimony laws in NC changed dramatically in 1997 and a party forfeits their rights to seek and obtain alimony unless an action or claim for alimony is filed prior to or as a part of the divorce.
Property division can often be a difficult process as the goal of equitably dividing assets is often cumbersome. Parties likewise can forfeit their rights to an equitable and fair division of assets unless their claim is made as part of the divorce or prior to divorce.


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Mike Edwards was the lead prosecutor for child sexual abuse in the five-county 29th Judicial District. That experience as an advocate for children prepared Mike well for his current work as a trial attorney in child custody cases. Mike has built the largest custody practice in McDowell County representing hundreds of mothers and fathers both in gaining custody and keeping custody of their children.


A child custody decision is the most important decision a judge can make. It is the most important case in a parent’s lifetime. Mike understands that.
In NC, there is no jury trial to decide custody. Custody is decided by one judge, often following a relatively short trial. The judge must decide what is in the best interests of the child.
PREPARATION and ORGANIZATION are keys to successful results in child custody cases.
Mike believes in the importance of preparing parents for what it takes to build a successful case for child custody. Each new client receives a packet of information giving practical tips on what to expect as the case moves through the court system.

Emotions run high in child custody cases. As emotions heat up, it is important for the trial lawyer to remain cool and focused on the objective at hand……placement of custody with the client.

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