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Traffic Ticket Attorney ~ Former Chief Assistant District Atty

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Primary Practice Areas

Traffic Ticket Attorney

Attorney Michael Edwards the expert with speeding, traffic tickets or a DWI citations. Avoid high insurance cost. Learn More

 Family Law

Child custody cases make up a large part of our case load due to referrals from previous clients and the success rate they received. Learn More

Criminal Defense

As a former Assistant District Attorney Mike has 35 years of experience and an excellent success rate as a courtroom attorney. Learn More

Attorney Michael Edwards Clients say:

“Mr. Edwards handled my traffic ticket with great efficiency and an excellent outcome. Definitely recommend!”

“He is the best! Criminal, traffic and child custody/divorce. He gets results and works hard for his clients. He is what all lawyers should be.”

“My wife received a traffic citation in Marion and he avoided points assessment and kept the ticket from going on her insurance. Highly recommend this attorney and his staff is excellent to work with as well..”

I am a long haul truck driver and they did exactly what they said they could do for me in dealing with a ticket that I got in Douglas County. I am very grateful for that. I highly recommend this attorney for any CDL holder in this area that needs legal help with a ticket!

“A reputable lawyer will advise you to keep out of the law, make the best of a foolish bargain, and not get caught again.”

– Mark Twain

Attorney Michael Edwards Primary Practices

Conviction rate over 90% as prosecutor and 87% in jury trials conducted as defense counsel.

  • Traffic Violations
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense

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Attorney Michael Edwards has handled thousands of traffic tickets both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. In most cases, Mike can negotiate your case with the DA to minimize the impact on your insurance and North Carolina license.

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