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NC made sweeping changes to the EXPUNCTION LAWS in 2018.

Mike Edwards performs and has performed the majority of expunctions in McDowell over the past 25 years.

What is an Expunction? An expunction is an “out of court” process which allows you to EXPUNGE (erase and remove) any evidence that you were ever charged or found guilty of a crime or crimes. It makes your “record” DISAPPEAR. This can be crucial to your being able to get that job that you want, as well as the many other benefits of cleaning up past mistakes.

Expunctions can be granted in these situations:

DISMISSED CASES– If you were charged by someone or by law enforcement with a crime, either a misdemeanor or felony, and, your case was dismissed by the DA or you were found NOT GUILTY by the judge, then all record of this ever even happening can be erased. NC law allows unlimited expunctions for these types of cases.

NON-VIOLENT MISDEMEANORS– NC law allows you to erase most misdemeanors that you were found guilty of or pleaded guilty to after 5 years has passed. The case must not have been an assault or violent charge, nor can it have been a DWI which are excluded. Yes, this does include drug charges in most cases such as marijuana possession, larceny, shoplifting, etc.

NON-VIOLENT FELONIES– NC law allows these convictions to be erased after a 10 year waiting period. It applies to class H felonies including possession of drugs, breaking and entering, larceny, fraud, etc. Again, assaults and other crimes are exceptions, but erasing a felony conviction can be a life-changer for your future opportunities.

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